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Adam B. is a 2D and 3D interdisciplinary artist specializing in drawing, painting, sculpture, ceramics, and glassblowing. Adam B. approaches his art through a narrative perspective telling the story of individuals with a disability to viewers who don’t have a learning disorder. His message is that there should not be any discrimination or ableism against disabled people. He works with clay, glass, watercolor, found objects, and Copic markers because of how child-like, diverse, and expressionistic they complement to his wild personality due to how sporadic the outcomes are just like his unpredictable nature. Adam B. works with people without a disability to help them gain understanding into what it is like to have a disability. He collaborates with other artists and his audience through personal messaging, discussion, and surveying. Adam B. is hands-on with his projects and uses his imagination to bring objects that he sees to life through installations so that the viewer can experience his work through their senses. He has an abstract and cartoony style, as well as a realistic approach to his artworks. Adam B. wants to feel valued just as much as a normal-functioning person, and demonstrate to the viewers a better understanding of those with disabilities.


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